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April 2024

The team from Blood Cancer UK came to visit the Payne lab and discuss the impact of our research.


They interviewed Sophie, one of Beth's past patients who is now in remission after being diagnosed with AML in 2021.

We are so grateful to Blood Cancer UK for funding some of our research so we can continue to work towards kinder and more specific treatments for AML.

March 2024

The Payne lab has received an Innovative Pilot Grant from Blood Cancer UK to fund the development of  long-read sequencing methods to refine genotype, in particular to phenotype transcriptional programs in clonal haematopoiesis


March 2024

The Payne lab has received a GOSH Charity National Funding Call 2023/24 grant to continue our research on defining mechanisms and clonal evolution to leukaemia associated with germline CEBPA mutations

December 2023

Congratulations to Dr Alex for her Abstract Achievement

Award at ASH 2023 in San Diego!

November 2023

The Payne lab receives a new grant from Blood Cancer UK to fund a project looking at defining the molecular mechanisms of clonal evolution and cooperating driver mutations in CEBPA mutated AML

October 2022

Congratulations to Niki our Human Molecular Genetic MSc student who achieved merit in her MSc project. 

August 2022

Beth to act as UCL liaison for Francis Crick Institute Clinical Careers 

July 2022

The Payne Lab receives a silver LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) award for improving the sustainability and efficiency of the lab. Read more about it here

June 2022  

Congrats to Ellen who has been successful in attaining funding for a MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship 


March 2020

Listen to Beth talk about haematopoiesis and the role of stem cells in blood production on the Bolus podcast  

Also available on SoundCloud

February 2020

Congratulations Dr Catherine Hockings - Payne Lab's second PhD


December 2019

Listen to Beth talk about Diamond-Blackfan anaemia on the Bolus podcast

Also available on SoundCloud

June 2019

Listen to Beth talk about myelodysplastic syndromes on the Bolus podcast

Also available on SoundCloud

Feb 2019

Congratulations Dr Oscar Peña - Payne Lab's first PhD

January 2019 

Payne Lab joins with the Bahler Lab and wins prestigious CRUK Pioneer award

October 2018

Congratulations Catherine on her ASH Abstract achievement award - 2 years in a row!

September 2017

Read the Spotlight on Dr Beth Payne in the UCL news

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