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Feb 2019 

Congratulations Dr Oscar  Pena - Payne labs first PhD

January 2019 

Congratulation Noreen on for attaining a place on the BBSRC LIDO PhD program

January 2019 

Payne lab joins with the Bahler Lab and wins prestigious CRUK Pioneer award

October 2018

Congratulation Catherine on her ASH Abstract achievement  award - 2 years in a row!

October 2018

Welcoming Noreen to our lab!!

May 2018

Welcoming Yvette to our lab!!

March 2018

Welcoming Phoebe to our lab!!

February 2018

Welcoming Alexandra to our lab!!

November 2017

Congratulations Oscar, Jasmine and Catherine for all receiving Abstract Acheivement awards for their forthcoming ASH presentations in Atlanta