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Haematology Biobank

In the Payne Group we maintain ongoing collection of clinical samples that are submitted into the UCL Haematology Biobank. This project is part of a larger biobank that covers the whole of UCL/UCLH. We have REC ethics approval and a HTA licence, allowing us to consent patients and collect a broad range of clinically relevant samples. 

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As certain subtypes of blood cancer are very rare, it is important to maintain ongoing collections as it can take years to collect enough samples to perform a comprehensive research study that could lead to clinical trials. We have collected hundreds of samples since the establishment of the Haematology Biobank in 2013 and are always looking for ways to expand our sample library. 

Interested in Collaborating? 

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We are always looking for ways to expand our sample range or get involved in research projects. If you want more information about our Haematology Biobank, contact Madi our biobank technician.
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